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END-LESS-WAR, 2020, image courtesy of Taravat Talepasand
March 21st – April 25, 2020
Juan Capistran
Rakeem Cunningham
Aaron Sandnes

Baik Art is pleased to present Yesterday-Tomorrow, a group exhibition featuring works by Juan Capistran, Rakeem Cunningham, Aaron Sandnes, and Taravat Talepasand. This installation examines the marginalizing effects of polarized institutional governance on a country’s inhabitants during times of political campaign. Reflecting on tensions associated with bi-partisan representation, this show questions the efficacy of promoting value systems through codices of pre-ordained thought– An inquiry that reminds us how socio-political problems of our past, if not re-evaluated equitably, will inevitably become the obstacles of our tomorrow. Yesterday- Tomorrow will be on display from March 21st – April 25, 2020. No opening reception will be had in observance of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, however the gallery will maintain regular business hours for anyone that would like to visit this exhibtion. 


Why does economic growth insinuate exploitation? How do acts of inclusion trigger radicalized congregation? And what links the empowerment of oppressed individuals to the creation of an adversarial villain? All are questions often subverted within the discourse of political correctness and patriotism. Therefore, we must challenge this fixation on what’s right and wrong and good or evil– as these metrics lack the empathy to overcome our perpetual need for a loser. Works in this exhibition utilize motifs associated with anarchist philosophy to challenge paradoxical notions that have yielded a political zero-sum game.


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